Free Format Submission

Dear scholars, we understand that your time is valuable and appreciate the time you choose to work with us. Free format submission helps make getting your manuscript ready to submit faster. You can submit your paper without needing to worry about formatting your manuscript to meet our requirements, but all manuscripts must contain the following sections:
a. Cover letter (You will be asked to provide a cover letter, please use this to explain why your manuscript should be published in the journal and to elaborateon any issues related to our editorial policies detailed in the instructions for authors.)
b. Title page (Title, Author Information)
c. Main manuscript (Please do not include identifying information in your main manuscript as this must remain blinded.)
·Main text
·Figures and Tables with Captions
·Funding Information
·Author Contributions
·Conflict of Interest and other Ethics Statements
Your references may be in any style, provided that you use the consistent formatting throughout. When your manuscript reaches the production process, you will be requested to format the manuscript according to the journal guidelines.