Comments and Complaints

1.Readers who have concerns or complaints about published papers should first contact the corresponding author to attempt a resolution directly.

2.In following cases, please contact Editorial Office. Complainants may request that the Editorial Office handle their complaint confidentially. Please pay attention, if a complaint is not considered to be substantiated, then further communication will only be considered if additional information evidencing concerns is presented.

· Authors were not responsive.
· The concerns were not resolved.

The process

The Editorial Office will coordinate with the complainant, author/s and Editors-in-Chief or Editorial Board members for the investigation, remedy or resolution of any concerns or complaints.

1.Ethical concerns, final decisions are made by the Editor-in-Chief or Editorial Board members who are supported by the Editorial Office to promote adherence to core principles of publication ethics as expressed by the Committee on Publication Ethics.

2. Legal counsel may be sought where the complaint has legal implications.

Decisions about Corrections, Comments and Replies, Expressions of Concerns, or Retractions resulting from an investigation are made by Editors-in-Chief or Editorial Board members, and communicated to authors. All updates are required to follow journal policy.

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