Editorial Boards

The Editorial Board, or (Editorial) Advisory Board, is a team of experts in the journal's field. We would like to invite experts in various fields to be an Editorial Board Members for the journals. 

Role and Responsibilities of Editorial Board:
1.Advise on journal policy and scope.
2.Identify topics for special issues as guest editor.
3.Review submitted manuscripts.
4.Assist the editor(s) in decision making over issues such as plagiarism claims and submissions where reviewers can’t agree on a decision.
5.Promote the journal to their colleagues and peers.

Selecting Editorial Board members:
Editorial Board members are selected by the journal’s editor(s), with input from the publisher. Editorial boards generally undergo a complete revision every two or three years, with members joining, stepping down or continuing for another term. Changes also occur in the interim, for example if a member resigns.

   A journal's editorial board is very important, so we will screen the candidates as following: The location of board members should match with the geographical distribution of the journal. Research interests of the board members should represent the journal's scope. Preference will be given to candidates from key research institutions or prestigious universities. Existing board members could recommend new members.