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OPEN ACCESS TMRDE (Traditional Medicine Research Data Expanded)Database for library in free of charge

1.What is TMRDE?——TMRDE, Traditional Medicine Research Data Expanded built in 2019 by TMR Publishing Group, focus on traditional medicine worldwide. 2. Data be indexed in TMRDE——TMRDE include all published papers of 21 journals from TMR Publishing Group, and at present, it is expanding the collection of high-quality articles. 3. What is the characteristic of TMRDE?——TMRDE include the data of traditional medicine worldwide, and collect full-text papers, include Traditional Chinese medicine, Persian medicine, Ayurveda, Siddha medicine, Yoga etc.. And the classification is also based on the type of disease, which is convenient to search. 4. How to use TMRDE?—— Method 1:TMR Publishing Group's official Method 2:Enter from the library website of university or research institutes.(Add Open Access of TMRDE Link on Library Website: please contact editor- Email: Nicole:wechat, telegram, whats app number: +8615704601021)